Z12 P GP

Z12 P GP is a perfect home for you

Inside this beautiful 2- storey 158 m² house you’ll find 5 bedrooms, a spacious living room and a kitchen. In total this home has 14 different rooms 0 .

Get familiar with Z12 P GP

Functional floor plans

Esik 3.74 m²
Esik 5.44 m²
Köök/ eluruba 30.73 m²
Tehnnoruum 4.78 m²
Vannituba 5.36 m²
Magamistuba 8.93 m²
Magamistuba 8.43 m²
Garaaž 21.08 m²
Esik 1.93 m²
Vannituba 8 m²
Esik 5 m²
Magamistuba 15 m²
Magamistuba 15 m²
Magamistuba 24 m²

Z500 VR

🤩 You love the design, but you are still not convinced?

Try out Z500 Virtual Reality and bring your home to life! Walk around and feel the comfort of your future home.

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